Nurse Tre Kwon Fights for Patients in the ICU, and Safe Working Conditions in Hospitals

Tre Kwon is an intensive care unit nurse in the Mount Sinai Hospital system, in New York City. She recently had a baby and was on maternity leave, and was planning to stay home to care for her baby for 5 to 6 months. When the COVID 19 pandemic hits New York, she hears about the situation in her hospital. Patients are severely ill, with some dying; nursing staff is low; shortages of personal protective medical equipment make it hazardous for nurses and other healthcare workers. Colleagues are under severe stress and some are becoming ill themselves from COVID 19.

After only about 3 months since giving birth, Nurse Tre Kwon decided it was her duty to respond, to help patients and support her coworkers during the COVID crisis. She courageously ended her maternity leave early to return to the medical front line. She takes care of the sickest patients in the intensive care units, and then still has the determination and energy to speak out and fight for adequate protective equipment and safer work conditions for all healthcare workers.

View her story on this video from the BBC.


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